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Billing Information for Employers

State law requires many employers to obtain criminal background checks for their volunteer or employees via Live Scan.

Employers will register with the Department of Justice (DOJ) of California, which will issue them with an ORI (Originating Agency) code. The ORI Code identifies the agency requesting the Live Scan, and is necessary for submission of Live Scan fingerprint applications.

Along with the ORI code, a Mail Code can also be requested. The mail code will allow the employer retrieval of applicants? responses from a secure electronic mailbox at the DOJ, speeding up the process.

Instructions on how to register with the DOJ and all the relevant forms (in PDF format) can be conveniently found in a single location at the Office of the Attorney General website:

Interested in a Billing Account?

Employers who already have an ORI number issued by the DOJ and would like to establish a Billing Account with Pro-1 Live Scan can call us at the following numbers:
We also provide corporate billing accounts. Your employees can receive Live Scan fingerprinting services at our facility and we will bill your business for all charges on a monthly basis. Invoices are due on receipt. Call or Email us for more information on this convenient option

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