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Along with your valid photo identification and payment for live scan services, you must bring the Live Scan Service Request form with you when you have your fingerprints taken.

Not all live scan forms are the same! Each live scan form has an ORI number listed on it (usually in the top left corner). The ORI number corresponds to the agency that will be receiving the results of your background check.

There are literally hundreds of different ORI numbers on the different live scan request forms. You must bring the live scan request form with the correct ORI number. We will not select the ORI number for you. If you do not have the form or do not know if your form has the correct ORI number, please check with your school, entity or licensing agency prior to your arrival at the live scan site.

Many California agencies have the live scan request forms listed on their website. Most are in Adobe pdf format and can easily be downloaded and filled out.

Partial List of California Departments that Require Live Scan Fingerprinting for Licensure

If you are downloading a Live Scan Request Form from a website, you must print three copies.

  • (1) Copy for Requesting Agency
  • (2) Copy for Live Scan Operator
  • (3) Copy for Yourself